The Talented Tenth at the Bonstelle!

The Talented Tenth, written by Richard Wesley, chronicles the life of Howard University graduates as they grow into middle age and beyond. Now successful leaders in the corporate world of the 90s, this group reflects on the lives they left behind and the choices they made that have molded them into what they have become.

Image, Jeffrey Cotnoir

Image, Jeffrey Cotnoir

“These graduates, once social activists, find their personal struggles involve family life, corporate takeovers and deep questioning of the significance of the civil rights movement,” says director Aku Kadogo.   The play captures the struggle these successful African-Americans experience as they redefine themselves in this new phase of life.

Richard Wesley simplifies the essence of The Talented Tenth by saying, “…one day you cut your hair, shave your beard, put away your sandals, go from yippie to yuppie, nationalists to buppie. Everyone tells you you’ve done the right thing. And you wonder if you really have.”

The Talented Tenth

Image, Jeffrey Cotnoir

The Talented Tenth is directed by Aku Kadogo with stage manager Eva Bushong.

The cast includes WSU undergraduate students Victoria Rose Weatherspoon (Pam), Christopher Lamar Edmonds (Bernard), Justin Crutchfield (Marvin), Christopher L. Tucker (Griggs), Erica Fuller (Rowena), Ciarah Mosley (Tanya) and Chris Johnson (Young Man).

The production team includes WSU theatre professor Fred Florkowski (Technical Director), graduate students Chris Otwell (Scenic Designer), Cara Ward (Costume Designer), Jim Costello (Lighting Designer), Jeffrey Cotnoir (Publicist) and undergraduate Bobby Tacoma (Sound Designer).

When:The Talented Tenth plays at the Bonstelle Theatre October 16, 2009 to October 25, 2009.

Tickets: Advance ticket sales are available at the Wayne State Theatre Box Office, located at 4743 Cass (corner of Hancock), or by phone at (313) 577-2960. Or online at

Prices: Regular tickets are available for $15, and $12 discounted tickets are available.Please call the box office for more information.

For more information, please visit the theatre’s website at


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