The Metro Times on Night Scales

“Much could be said for the production of Night Scales — Wayne State University’s theatrical department should be proud. As anyone in the audience could tell you (experienced in the theater or not) this was obviously not an easy production, mainly due to the script’s dense poeticism and weight of subject. But Aku Kadago’s direction and choreography proved engaging, with many ensemble scenes playing out just beautifully. The costumes, sets and projections were simple and authentic. The music, from the eerie wail of a singing saw to the eastern European whirr of an accordion and Kubrickian off-key melodica drone were awesome and understated, so hats off to musical director Madison McEvilly. And while actors Mackenzie Conn, Robbie Dwight, Caitlin Morrison, Joe Hamid and Alyssa Scalvini were all notable this night (names to watch indeed), Alexander J. Schott and Samantha Moltmaker, as Klara, both delivered extraordinary performances.”

– Travis R. Wright, The Metro Times

If it’s that good, don’t you want to see it?

Don’t miss the theatrical event of the year.

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