The Caucasian Chalk Circle in Tech

Theatre manager Janine Pixley recently stopped by rehearsal of The Caucasian Chalk Circle at the Bonstelle this weekend. They were in technical rehearsal on Friday and Saturday putting the final technical elements into the play to complete the final vision of the show. Click on the pictures below to getting a closer look at the play coming together.

Caucasian Chalk Circle in tech

Pixley was surprised to hear a robust musical element to the play that reminded her of her time with Glimmerglass Opera in Cooperstown, Connecticut. “The music and presentation of the Chalk Circle production is one of the most visually evocative and stunning pieces I’ve ever seen. It is just a beautiful production that takes me right back to the Opera at Cooperstown… And I can’t express how much I loved my time in Cooperstown.”

Caucasian Chalk Circle in tech

The costume, scenic, lighting and sound elements will continue to be refined in the next few days as the cast and crew prepares for opening on Friday, October 15. On Friday, when the house opens to friends, family, and fans of the Bonstelle Theatre and Bertolt Brecht (say that 5 times fast), each audience member can expect to enjoy a strong Brechtian performance, complete with bare stage elements (though not necessarily simple), exposed lights and walls, and a performance style that pushes the audience to consider the issues of the play without sentimentality. According to director Jesse Merz, “Brecht was against sentimentality, he wanted theatre to make you think, not just leave with an emotional catharsis.”

The Caucasian Chalk Circle runs through October 24 and tickets are still available by calling the box office at 313-577-2972, or visiting the on-line box office at

Bonstelle Balcony Panorama


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