Chalk Circle in Production

Have you been asking yourself, “all this Caucasian Chalk Circle talk… what’s it all about?”  Have you seen numerous people walking around campus with those little green books that say “Caucasian Chalk Circle” on the cover?  Have you thought for a fleeting moment that it may be racially motivated literature?  You’re not alone!

No, the play isn’t racist. but it is really amazing!  Here’s a glimpse into the production itself.  These photos were taken during a final technical rehearsal, full costume, full tech, show conditions.

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The cast of the show, which includes 35 people, has been working ever so dilligently on the production since the second week of September.  The show includes a full musical score, all performed by cast members onstage, live (WOW!).  Taking place in post-WWII Georgia (the country, not the state you silly!) the show discusses land ownership and it’s importance through the telling of a ‘play-within-a-play,’ then transporting the audience back in time to feudal times in the same region.  The play within the play tells the Chinese folk tale “The Chalk Circle,” in an ever-so-slightly changed version, narrating the fictional story of Michael Abashvilli and who his true mother is.  The show goes from being super dramatic, to downright silly, and sometimes immediately back to super dramatic.  With a litany of student-directed music, incidental sound effects, beautiful student-directed choreography, Caucasian Chalk Circle is sure to make you think, feel, and enjoy yourself.

– Robbie Dwight, undergraduate actor and cast member


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