Getting Out goes into Tech

Getting Out is almost ready for prime time.  Director Michael Butterworth says, “We’ve enjoyed the challenge of creating the two interwoven worlds of this play.  The actors have challenged themselves to deepen their moment-to-moment connections with each other on stage with some amazing results.  They play is tender, sad, scary, and funny.”

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Photo credit: Nikki Allen

In describing the rehearsal process, Butterworth goes on to say, “We had one terrific rehearsal where we ate a meal together and just sat in a circle and told the story of the play to each other.  It was so simple and yet the discoveries were startling.  The actors heard things about their characters and about the world of the play, that even after several weeks of ‘up on our feet’ rehearsals, that seemed new to them.”

Getting Out opens Thursday, October 21 and runs through Saturday October 30.  All performances are at 8pm.  Tickets are regularly priced at $12, $10 for students, seniors, WSU faculty and staff, and Alumni Association members.  Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling the box office at 313-577-2972.


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