Getting Out Opens, “…a must see!”

This past weekend, Getting Out opened the Studio Theater’s season in the Maggie Allesee Studio Theater in Old Main.

‘Getting Out’ kicks off Studio season

Play being performed at Maggie Allesee studio in Old Main

By DONALD BARNES | The South End

Getting Out, written by Marsha Norman, is a story of redemption, faith, and hardship.

Norman is famous for her play night, Mother, which won her a Pulitzer Prize in 1983.

The story is about Arlene, a convict who served an eight-year prison sentence for kidnapping, manslaughter and robbery.  Arlene moves back home to Kentucky into a run-down apartment in downtown Louisville where she is forced to face her past head-on.  The intriguing aspect of this play is the fact that it is told through a dual personality.

Arlene (Laura Heikkinen) represents the present state of the protagonist while Arlie, (Ashley Shamoon) represents the protagonist’s former, evil ways.

A lot of the play is told through Arlie’s point-of-view from prison and provides a glimpse into her mind, making it easier to understand how she got herself into her present circumstances.

Both characters often speak at the same time, creating suspenseful scenes while providing an explanation for the behavior of Arlene.  Standing in front is Arlie; she tells the story of a woman who helped her in prison without asking.  What seemed like a person befriending another really turned out to be a set up for rape.

Arlene has a hard time adjusting with her new life but hard times aren’t out of the ordinary for her.  Growing up, her father abused her mother, which she says may explain her temper and willingness to fight.  Her mother drove a taxi to help support the family, and her siblings were dope dealers, thieves and hoodlums.

The acting in this play is superb.  The dialogue flows well between the actors and intermission is the only dull part of the program.

There is a lot of graphic language, however, but being among adults and considering the parameters of the play, it doesn’t pose a problem.   It provides the much-needed grit and harshness when telling a story of such magnitude.

Overall, the play is a must-see.  Getting Out runs through Oct. 30 at the Maggie Allesee Studio located on the third floor in Old Main.

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