Final chance to catch “best of the year” Mockingbird!

Bonstelle pleases again with To Kill a Mockingbird

Classic novel of racism, violence premiered Dec. 3

By STEVE KRAUSE | The South End
Updated: December 6, 2010, 11:43 AM

“The Bonstelle Theatre debuted To Kill a Mockingbird Dec. 3, which rounds out a year of great performances.

Mockingbird is the second classic book translated to the stage at Wayne State this season, the first being Of Mice and Men at the Hilberry. The Bonstelle, as always, represented the timeless characters with class and believability with perfectly set scenes.”

photo credit Nikki Allen

“[Siena] Hassett is a wonderful actor to watch and it’s not hard to see why she keeps getting lead roles.”

“The two showstoppers, also Bonstelle veterans, were Atticus Finch (Robbie Dwight) and Bob Ewell (Patrick Loos).  Their chemistry was electric and both men dominated the stage. Loos hardly had any words, but his slurred accent and drunken manner sell the part of the disgusting, racist, Bob Ewell.”

photo credit Nikki Allen

“The set for this play seemed like a living component of the performance and it’s surely the best of the year.”

The complete original article may be found here.


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