Bird Plays: Cuckoo’s Nest – 2000

OVERWHELMING SADNESS!  This is the last installment of our Bird Play series here on the ole’ blog.  Yes, I’ve already posted about a production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but this is a different production that happened ten years ago so CALM DOWN! Sadly, there are not as many photos as previous entries, but gosh darnit they look cool all the same.

This past weekend was also the closing weekend of To Kill A Mockingbird at the Bonstelle Theatre.  The show was beautiful and the audiences responded with laughter, tears, boos (for the Ewells played brilliantly by Patrick Loos and Caitlin Morrison), and applause (for everyone else).  Moral of the story, if you didn’t see this production, you missed out.  Yes, I played Atticus Finch and I’m slighly biased, but this production was moving and powerful and important for everyone to see.  This was a production that brought in outside audiences, as in, non-theatre-goers.  The two morning matinees saw almost 1,000 area school kids take in the show too (the novel is in most local school curriculum).  The show was a success on all fronts.

Well that’s all for now.  Have a great Holiday everyone!  This is Robbie Dwight reminding you to STAY LITERATE AND CULTURED!


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