The Bonstelle Remembers Kyle Holton

Students are organizing a Candlelight vigil for Kyle Holton, Wayne State University Department of Theatre alum, class of 2010 who was killed early this morning in a car accident.

The vigil will be tonight outside the Hilberry Theatre at Cass and Hancock, 630 pm.

A PrideSource article about Kyle may be found here.

“I wrote an artist’s statement once about how there are all these wars today in society,” the tall, lanky founder/producer of art4artillery Theatre Company said while sitting on a palate near the space where his new theatre company will soon stage a unique production of “Angels in America” by Tony Kushner. “There’s a war on family values, a war on drugs, a war on terror. What are the ways that we fight these things? And what are the ways that we address them?”

For Holton, there was only one answer. “The best way I know how is through art. That’s a way I can affect people. Without getting too cynical or crazy, I think it’s a much safer venue to explore these things – through art – than though the way our society currently explores them.”



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