Review: WSU Bonstelle Presents ‘FLOW’

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Posted by Times-Herald Newspapers

By Sue Suchyta
Wayne State University’s undergraduate theater company will present Will Power’s “Flow,” an urban fairy tale with a hip hop sensibility, for one more weekend at the Bonstelle Theatre. The show, which opened Friday, will continue through next Sunday, with 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday shows and a 2 p.m. Sunday matinee.

Derell Jones as Besombee

Directed by Aku Kadogo, the show, which Power originated and performed as a one-man show, is debuting for the first time as an ensemble piece.

Following the tradition of African storytellers, the cast tells their followers of their struggles for survival in an unforgiving present day urban environment.

The ensemble members are onstage often, whether leading a story or providing backup support in mime or movement.

The show is not a hip hop “concert” – it is more of a series of stories told to a hip hop cadence, with the ensemble quickly changing characters and costumes to act out the stories being told in simple fashion with minimal props or scenery.

Robert Hammond as New Groun

The talented and diverse cast is led by Tashif “Sheefy McFly” Turner as Power. Turner’s biography credits him with two hip hop and rock show performances a month at venues in Detroit’s Midtown, Hamtramck and Ferndale.

The ensemble also includes Robert Hammond as “New Groun,” who plays a Native American in an urban environment who despairs over the desecration of the land. Hammond impresses the audience early on in the show with his acrobatic flips across the stage.

Derell Jones as Besombee is also impressive for his versatility and energy.

The other strong ensemble members include Ciarah Mosley as Swea P, Indigo Colbert as Jacoba, Donald Davenport as Breeze, Bridgette Jordan as Ole’ Cheesy and Jackson McLaskey as Preacha Man.

The Bonstelle Theatre is at 3424 Woodward. For more information, call the box office at (313) 577-2960 or go to


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