FLOW Afterparty at The Majestic Cafe

After four years of working for the Department of Theatre, Kadogo is taking a leave of absence to continue her artistic journey as Guest Lecturer at Yong In University in Seoul, South Korea. While living abroad, she’ll have the opportunity to experiment with her theatrical directing talents and experience art in a different culture. Upon her return, Kadogo will be able to introduce the artistic styles of South Korea to her curriculum to help enrich and inspire her students at Wayne State. She sums up her personal philosophy on making art with this quotation from Benjamin Barber’s/Jihad vs. McWorld: “Where seeing and performing are linked, where there is no producing without learning and no scholarship without interaction; where creation entails community and community is incomplete without creation.”

The night FLOW opened at the Bonstelle, Aku Kadogo was treated to an informal Going Away party at WSU Theatres’ partner business, The Majestic Cafe.  Standing on a chair in the cafe, Kadogo gave an impromptu farewell speech.

She spoke of her time at Wayne State, her time in Australia, and of her return to her home in Detroit after seeing the world.  She spoke of her role as teacher and mentor and how she has always seen her duty to be that of service.  Between gracious rounds of applause she thanked many of the people in the room for helping her get to that moment on the chair in the Majestic Cafe.

She also spoke about FLOW and how it came to pass as it did.  “I saw Will Power do this in 2002… I was very impressed with his performance, because it’s quite a phenomenal performance, but I was also impressed with the story,” she said.

“But then, our lives kept conjuncting, I brought him to Wayne State twice, once for a one-day workshop, and then again for a week-long residency.”

“That’s when I got to talk to talk to him about his work and his inspiration and I knew we were on the same page. One thing led to another and a thought of doing this as an ensemble work, and now I see how incredibly powerful it is. I learned more about the script by directing it.”

Below is a glimpse into the love that was shared that evening.  FLOW has closed, but the magic that it captured will live on in the hearts of many – especially the students she taught and directed over the years.  We all wish her well on her new adventure in Seoul, South Korea.


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