The Full Monty opens TONIGHT!

Tonight is the night!  The Full Monty opens for a two week run at the Bonstelle Theatre tonight after months of planning, rehearsing, and polishing.  The show looks and sounds fantastic!  Here’s a few shots from the final dress last night that Theatre Manager Rick Fosbrink took:

This musical follows six unemployed, desperate steelworkers from Buffalo, who decide to “go all the way” to make some extra cash. The Full Monty has numerous show-stopping numbers and, as the guys work through their fears, loss of identity and feelings of worthlessness, they discover their inner strength and find the courage to face their hardships. The deep friendships that develop and their renewed self-esteem remind them of what it means to be alive.

Wanting to make the story relevant to today’s headlines, Director Michael Barnes highlights the city of Detroit throughout the play.  According to Barnes, “the men in this show are the blue collar workers who are down on their luck. The people of Detroit can really connect with the messages presented in this story.” Barnes encourages his cast to take risks and “bare it all” on stage. He wants the audience to recognize and sympathize with these characters; one of them could be their neighbor.


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