Graduate Tribute 2011

Last night was the annual Graduate Tribute at the Hilberry Theatre.  Friends and family of graduating seniors were invited to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduates with performances, a slideshow, and the announcement of Scholarship and Award recipients.  Dr. James Thomas, the interim Department Chair, presided over the events with other faculty members contributing.  Here’s a peek back at the event.

A very special thanks went out to Paul and Sue Nine for the graduation gifts, cakes, and afterglow contributions, to Mario’s restaurant for the preglow appetizers and to all of The Understudies for printing the program and the pictures, and for their loyal support.

Graduating BFA Candidates included: Stephen Carson, David Coawn, Megan Fuller, Kerianne Furgerson, Madeline Greenwalt, Siena Hassett, Erin Hildebrandt, Patrick Loos, Jacqueline Michnuk, Samantha Moltmaker, Caitlin Morrison, Ciarah Mosley, Cal Schwartz, William Turbett, and Annabelle Young.

Graduating BA Candidates included: Madeline Bien, Susan Campbell, Jessica Cottrell, Kara Frizzell, Joseph Gehart, Taurean Hogan, Anthony Kisner, Glenda Rucker, Andrew Sheldon and Alexander Trice.

Congrats to all!


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