Behind the Scenes with a “Noises Off” Actor

Kelli Marie Sarakun who plays Dottie Otley in Noise Off and Mrs. Clackett in Nothing On, the play within the play, takes a moment out of her busy schedule to share with us what the rehearsals have been like.

Kelli Marie Sarakun as Dotty Otley as Mrs. Clackett

It’s week 3 of Noises Off rehearsals… and we are already losing our minds! (In the good way).

When I got cast in this show, I knew that the rehearsal process was going to be a riot, to say the least. I had nearly laughed myself to death while watching the 1992 film adaptation prior to auditions, and I felt a rush of excitement when I found out that I would be working on it!

Our read-through was both welcoming and confusing. Many of us had no clue of what was going on in the script! Act II seemed especially mind-boggling, as there are dozens of actions happening simultaneously. After our read-through, it was clear that this show was, without a doubt, going to kick our butts.

Shuffling around our props has definitely been one of our biggest challenges as a cast. We have dozens of props, including: 4 plates of sardines, 4 sheets, 3 bags/briefcases, 4 whiskey bottles, 1 newspaper, 1 hot water bottle, and etc. There are several points throughout the play in which many of us are holding two or three different props at a time-this is tricky.

So far, my favorite part of working on this show has been the unique atmosphere that we have created as a cast. Although our blocking is incredibly complicated, our entrances and exits are sporadic, and our props are flying all over the stage, we are still able to laugh at ourselves. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of this show, but we are working through it with a strong sense of joy and commitment. Noises Off has taught us (and forced us) to think on our toes at all times, and we are ready and willing to take on the challenges that await us.

Now…where did I leave the sardines?


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