A Doll’s House

A Doll’s House premieres in the newly renovated Studio Theatre

DETROIT- Be among the first to experience the newly renovated Studio Theatre and director Aaron Westlake’s bold and exciting interpretation of Henrick Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, playing October 20-29, 2011. Questioning how people define themselves as individuals and as a society in the face of the harsh realities of life,  A Doll’s House is one of Ibsen’s most well known and highly regarded plays, and it speaks just as powerfully today as it did nearly 150 years ago when it first premiered.

Nora Helmer appears to be the picture of perfection by both today’s and Victorian standards, but appearances can often be deceiving. With a loving husband, Torvald, and two healthy children, Nora resides in a comfortable apartment playing her domestic role as effortlessly as a doll.  However, she soon finds that domestic perfection is not so easily attainable. As Torvald ascends the economic ladder with his new promotion as manager at the local bank, Nora believes it will be the last Christmas she will have to spend pinching pennies since they are on the brink of absolute financial freedom. But that freedom is put in jeopardy as a past secret threatens to make itself known, transforming Nora’s tranquil home into a confining prison of doubt and uncertainty.

Examining the psychological and social undertones of late-1800s Victorian society, Ibsen throws into question the domestic roles of men and women, specifically, a woman’s role in marriage. During Ibsen’s time, this issue was extremely sensitive, and his examination of it caused a sensation throughout the world upon A Doll’s House’s premiere. Its famous ending is still controversial to this day.

Equally as provocative will surely be director Westlake’s unique interpretation of Ibsen’s social drama. Taking creative license, Westlake is fusing past Victorian ideals with a modern, futuristic approach to the production and design, incorporating an indie-rock soundtrack, steampunk influences and dance.  Steampunk came into prominence during the last two decades and incorporates elements of science fiction and fantasy combined with Victorian fashion and architecture. It adds a futuristic twist to Victorian aesthetics that one might find in the writings of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.

Westlake proclaims, “expect big choices, big risks…we’re not playing things safe.” Audience members should come ready for a night of experimental creativity, live theatre and a dash of historical perspective. To top things off, audiences will be among the first patrons to sit in the sleek, newly renovated Studio Theatre! A Doll’s House is an experience you will not want to miss.

The cast includes (in alphabetical order)

Robbie Dwight (Detroit) as Torvald, Andy Gaitens (Royal Oak, MI) as Dr. Rank, Assata Haki (Detroit) as Anna Marie, Robbie Hammond (Troy, MI) as Krogstad, Malvina Mirowski (Sterling Heights, MI) as Kristine and Ashley Shamoon (Northville, MI) as Nora.

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The production team includes

Aaron Westlake (Director), Nick Boyd (Stage Manager), Mercedes Coley (Stage Manager Mentor), Leanne Turrell (Scenic Designer), Fred Florkowski (Technical Director), Alana Walker (Costume Designer), Anne Suchyta (Costume Mentor),  Alan Devlin (Lighting Designer), Lisa Berg (Property Master) and Patrick Pozezinski (Publicist).

A Doll’s House

(In a New Translation by Nicholas Rudall)

By Henrick Ibsen

Calendar Information

October 20, 2011 – October 29, 2011

Thursday 8 p.m.                     Oct. 20, Oct. 27

Friday  8 p.m.                          Oct. 21, Oct. 28

Saturday 8 p.m.                      Oct. 22, Oct. 29


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