Heck-Rabi Playwriting Competition- Winners Announced

Here is the announcement you have all been waiting for.  The judges of the Heck-Rabi readings have selected the following three plays for full spring production:

Poinsettia Blues by Carollette Phillips

The Diary of Herbie and Madge by David Toomey

Her by Edmund Alyn Jones

All three plays tied for first place, so three equal awards will be given.

The List by Lorelei Sturm, Starting Over by Vanessa Sawson and Endless Cycles by Andrew Papa will also receive honorable mention awards)

The following three directors have been selected with these tentative assignments:

George Abud  (Her)

Mackenzie Conn (Poinsettia Blues)

Andrick Sigmund (The Diary of Herbie and Madge)


Congrats to all!


2 thoughts on “Heck-Rabi Playwriting Competition- Winners Announced

    • The plays have to be written while a registered WSU student — full or part-time. You do NOT have to be in any specific class. The scripts/entries are due to Dr. David Magidson by May 1. Drop off or mail scripts to:
      WSU Dept. of Theatre
      4841 Cass Avenue, Suite 3225
      Detroit, MI 48202-3489

      For questions call the Dept. of Theatre office at 313/577-3510.

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