Behind the scenes with Noises Off actor- Blog#2

from guest blogger and actress extraordinaire Kelli Marie Sarakun

Kelli Marie Sarakun in Noises Off (that's an axe she's holding)

Woo hoo! Somehow, we have made it through three ‘Noises Off’ performances…in one piece!

Since our final dress rehearsal, our show has definitely grown into something that is very special to us.

I’ll admit, on opening night, I had a lot of panicky thoughts going through my head. “What if we forget our lines?” was one of my most frightening thoughts. With such a quickly-paced show, things could really go wrong if one of us were to forget a line. But despite all of the little worries that come along with performing this show, we always end up enjoying ourselves as we do it.

Each of our performances have been different from one another. For example, during one of our performances, two of the set’s doorknobs fell off, and we had to work through the rest of the scenes without them! This was challenging, since the entire show revolves around doors opening and closing. During another show, one of us tripped on one of the set pieces and nearly fell right onto our face! Thankfully, this accident made sense with the scene that was going on, so the audience thought it was intentional!

Something I have really enjoyed about being a part of this show is the flexibility for creativity that we truly have as the actors. We could do five things wrong, and the audience probably wouldn’t catch one of them! As stressed as we were, earlier in the process, with how difficult we felt the script was, we are realizing now that the script actually allows us to freely make a lot of our own decisions.

We have three more shows, and undoubtedly, each one will present different obstacles. But the best part of ‘Noises Off’ has been learning to work through the obstacles, and jumping into whatever comes next. In an odd way, it’s kind of a metaphor for life. 🙂

So, if you haven’t already done so, come see us risk our lives this weekend on the Bonstelle stage!!! That is, if we don’t lose them in doing so!


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