Guest Director of “Twelfth Night” needs your vote!

Alison Vesely is directing Twelfth Night at the Bonstelle Theatre this season and directed Richard III at the Hilberry Theatre last season. She is the artistic director of First Folio Theatre in Chicago, IL.


Help First Folio Win a $25,000 Grant!

First Folio is bringing in award winning theaters like Teatro Vista, Silk Road Rising, and Signal Ensemble for a special set of events this summer called The Merchant Project…but we need YOUR help to get the funding.

Chase Community Giving program is awarding $3 million in grants to local charities.  And folks like YOU get to choose who gets the the donations.

Won’t you please give First Folio your vote, and help us be one of the 100 lucky charities that will receive one of the Chase awards?

There are three steps you can take to help First Folio win.

1) Just click on the link below (or paste it in your browser), and cast your vote for First Folio.

2) After you vote, post the Chase Community Giving link on your Facebook page as a status update and ask your FB friends to vote for us.

3) Use this link to forward this note to all of your friends and ask them to vote for First Folio…and ask them to forward it on to their other friends, too!

E-mail us at to let us know you’ve voted and we’ll put your name in a drawing for one of five ticket packages for The Merchant of Venice, including tickets and boxed suppers for two.

We thank you for your support–without folks like you, First Folio would not be here!

Won’t you please give us your help and vote for us to win this grant?

 Alison Vesely, Artistic Director

First Folio Theatre


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