“Fantasio” coming soon to the Studio Theatre

The Studio Theatre Presents Fantasio, A Masterpiece of World Theatre

DETROIT- The newly renovated Studio Theatre continues its season with Fantasio by Alfred de Musset, playing January 19 through January 28, 2012. This romance is considered to be a masterpiece of dramatic world literature. Director Michael Butterworth describes Fantasio as a “fairytale for grown-ups.” Written in the 18th century, the play dramatizes the clash between one’s responsibility to society and the responsibility to one’s self. Tickets are $10-$12 and are available by calling (313) 577-2972, by visiting http://www.wsustudio.com or by stopping at the Wayne State University Theatres Box Office at 4743 Cass Avenue on the corner of Hancock.

Fantasio is a story of sacrifice and circumstance, illustrated by Princess Elsbeth’s ambiguous endeavor for happiness. In order for her kingdom to avoid war, she has been betrothed to the Prince of Mantua. Although the Princess is reluctant and unwilling, the fate of her kingdom is at stake. Fantasio, a gentleman deeply in debt, dresses up as the deceased court jester to hide from his creditors. When, disguised as the jester, he meets the Princess, falls in love, and tries to thwart the marriage. Although this production of de Mussett’s play is relatively brief, its poignant story stays with audiences long after the actors deliver their final lines.

Alfred de Musset was a well-known French playwright, novelist and poet. Many consider his plays to be his best work, yet most were never intended for stage performance; they were known as “armchair drama.” Fantasio was never staged during de Musset’s lifetime and wasn’t performed with its original text until the early decades of the twentiethcentury. Set in the eighteenth century, this pre-modern play takes place in the Romantic era. Though unfamiliar to most American audiences, it has since become a classic of the French theatre.

Butterworth hopes audiences will be intrigued and entertained by this little-known playwright’s unique and fairly unconventional devices. Unlike the Studio’s usual repertoire, the show highlights a large 12-person cast, as well as a period set production. “I’ve loved this play for a long time and the Studio Theatre is the perfect place to stage this production,” says Butterworth. “I love this venue’s intimate and somewhat quirky character.”

The cast includes (in alphabetical order)

Maggie Beson (Riverview, MI) as Flamel the page and Serving girl, Ethan Brenningen (Dexter, MI) as Tailor, Elizabeth “Zee” Bricker (Detroit, MI) as Princess Elsbeth, Kristin Dawn-Dumas (Detroit, MI) as Spark, Nancy Florkowski (Redford MI) as Governess, Robert J. Hammond (Troy, MI) as Fantasio, Sarah Kline (Royal Oak, MI) as Queen of Bavaria, Matthew Kurtz (Detroit, MI) as The Prince of Mantua, Doug Lubaway (Wyandotte, MI) as Hartman, Daniel Miller (Harper Woods, MI) as Rutten, Anthony Scamihorn (Marshall, MI) as Facio and Stuart Sturton (Harper Woods, MI) as Marinoni.

The production team includes

Michael Butterworth (Director), Rosa Hernandez (Stage Manager), Lois Bendlar (Scenic Designer and Property Master), Anne Suchyta (Costume Designer), Gabriel Rice (Lighting Designer), and Patrick Pozezinski (Publicist).

Calendar Information

January 19, 2012 – January 28, 2012

Thursday 8 p.m.          January 19, January 26

Friday  8 p.m.              January 20, January 27

Saturday 8 p.m.           January 21, January, 28


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