WSU Student Stage Brings Anton Chekhov’s ‘Ivanov’ to the Studio


Ivanov is the classic Chekhov tragedy about a man uncertain about his life and his future. Bogged-down by responsibilities, Nicolai Ivanov contemplates his situation and the desolate world around him. This one-act reconstructed version of the play, which includes excerpts from Chekhov’s original script, occurs in post-apocalyptic America. Nick, a young man and scholar, joined by his best friend Misha, and his sick wife Anna, inhabit an underground compound. Sasha, a doctor, supplies the medicine for Anna’s sickness and harbors an infatuation with Nick. The characters strive to relate to each other and stay human within a world that has crumbled around them.

Ivanov was generated through a collaborative system of student actors and designers. Actors participated in several Russian-based improvisational exercises to create the script and design elements. These actor-creators have explored the possibilities beyond the traditional theatre structure and present a theatrical experiment.

 Show Dates:
Sunday, January 27
4:00pm & 8:00pm
Monday, January 28

Free Admission 

The Studio Theatre
Down Stairs at the Hillberry
Wayne State Campus
4743 Cass Ave.
Detroit MI, 48201

Nick………Stuart Sturton
Anna……….Malvina Mirowsk
Sasha……….Bryauna Perkins
Misha……….Anthony Scamihorn

Director……….Sara Kline
Stage Manager……….Jamie Spinelli
Technical Director…………Ryan Koprince
Faculty Mentor……….Mary Elizabeth Anderson

A WSU Student Stage Production supported by the Robert T. Hazzard Fund


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