Meet the Playwright – Brent Griffith, “For the Kids”

Griffith, BrentBrent is a third-year MFA acting student at the Hilberry Theatre. From Port Orchard, Wa., he received his BA in theater performance from Central Washington University, where his play, The Dinner Party, was

produced in 2007. In between terrible jobs (customer service for a toll bridge, pizza delivery), he landed a short-lived gig performing school assemblies in a show that will remain nameless, an experience that inspired For the Kids. He is excited to see it performed live! Brent has been seen at the Hilberry this season as Macduff in Macbeth, Nikos in Big Love, and the Marquis of Queensbury in Gross Indecency.

Brent in Macbeth, Bruce

Brent Griffith in Macbeth at the Hilberry Theatre, 2013. Photo by Bruce Giffin.

You can see Brent’s play For the Kids at the 2014 Heck-Rabi Festival in the Studio Theatre, February 27-March 1 or March 6-8.



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