Heck-Rabi Festival: A History

Furnishings, 2010

Furnishings, 2010

Since the first competition in the 2001-02 Season, the Heck-Rabi Festival has provided an opportunity for young playwrights to see their work produced at the Studio Theatre since the first competition in the 2001-02 Season. The featured plays are selected from entries to the Louise Heck-Rabi Dramatic Writing Competition, sponsored by a collaboration between the Department of Theatre and Dance and the English Department at Wayne State University. Finalists in the competition receive a reading in the fall, and winners are selected for full productions at the Festival each spring.

Brutelles, 2005

Brutelles, 2005

Winners of the very first annual competition in 2002 included Supertrain by Fred Shahadi, a graduate of the Hilberry Graduate Repertory Training Program; Mirror Images by Mildordean Luster, who was, at the time, the Director of Arts Education at the Detroit Repertory Theatre; and Saturday Night at the Agora by Christopher W. Grant, another Hilberry graduate, who also went on to place in the second annual Heck-Rabi Competition.

The Festival continues to provide production and scholarship opportunities to playwrights since that first season.  This year’s winning plays will be featured at the Festival February 27-March 8. Tickets are available at wsushows.com.

Supertrain Fred Shahadi
Mirror Images Milfordean Luster
Saturday Night at the Agora Christopher W. Gilbert
The Real Thing Joshua Eikenberry
At Ease Eddie Collins
There Were Roses Christopher W. Gilbert
Life Game Blair Franklin
Storm Warning Isaac Williams, Jr.
Cutting In Andrew Huff
The Brutelles Ian Drife
Just Enough Time Tony Bozzuto
The Milkman Ian Drife
Drinks and Dancing Carly Germany
Sheepish Love Justin Vidovic
Zoo Swan Danielle Etienne
Absolute Value Pietro
Waiting with Beckett Christopher M. Bohan
Bleeding Red Michael Brian Ogden
Stop Your Ears Andrew Charles Lark
The Kings of Unionville James Kuhl
Help Wanted Dylan Stuckey
Dog Girl Suicide Lauren Reynolds
Easy As Hard Can Be Alan Ball
Furnishings Gregory Bailey
All Kinds of Men Erman Jones
The Diary of Herbie and Madge Dave Toomey
Poinsettia Blues Carollette Phillips
Her Edmund Alyn Jones
A New Play by Neil Simon David Toomey
Hurts So Good Carollette Phillips and Edmund Alyn Jones
Chiseled Laura Heikkinen
For the Kids Brent Griffith
Jazz Duet in a Minor Key Topher Payne
Genius, or Crazy? Megan Barbour
The Crate David Sterritt

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